Roulette Myths

The majority of roulette myths can often disorient the rookies, who haven't mastered of all basic game's rules and guidelines yet.

In addition to the ways to predict the wheels spin's outcome, which are myths, there's one more, according to which roulette is the Devil's Game.

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Roulette Variations

Both European and American roulette variations are unbelievably exciting to play, much due to the special anxiety, felt by gamers, while the ball is about to fall.

Nevertheless, the profitability of American roulette is much less, than the one of European version of the game, the latter being, therefore, more frequently advised to the vast majority of gamblers.

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Everything about Playtech roulette: rules, hints and secrets description

Since online casino appeared and spread internationally, gamblers all over the world got a lot of new additional opportunities to exploit.

Playtech popularity

PlaytechFor sure, it could be said that Playtech is one most usable and widespread online gambling providers. And it is not unexpectedly, because the company offers rather qualitative software and attempting options for playing for its clients. Of course, there are a lot of online services that gamblers could choose among and each of them presents their own graphic and design. Some of them are better than others and, for sure, it is just the case of Playtech. This statement could be proved easily with the fact that this provider is graded with the highest marks in comparison to other software suppliers.

Playtech offers more than 150 casino games of high quality, design and performance. The company states and constantly verifies its status of a market leader by offering very convenient sites for players all over the world.

Playtech products

The company proposes three different variations of roulette game that everybody is welcome to try and select the most suitable for him or her. Playtech developed the venues for the following options: American roulette, European roulette and Roulette Pro.

Again, the main difference between Playtech European and American versions is connected to the quantity of zero pockets. American roulette is constructed in such way that it has two zero positions: the first one is for a single zero and the second one - for a double zero; while European version presents only one zero position - a single one. The third type of roulette - Roulette Pro - has a series of patterns in French and also offers only one zero pocket.

Qualitative design as earnest of success

Furthermore, there is an option in Playtech roulette that allows players to observe a history of precious hits which is rather convenient. The matter is that many gamblers are eager to check what the previous results are in order to make a conclusion about the game profitability. Moreover, in such way you can be convinced that the game is unbiased and honest.

In addition, Playtech developers appear to care about graphics a lot as they worked out really first-graded pictures and video. Once you start a game, you could observe a large and detailed roulette wheel so it seems you can touch it or spin yourself. Players could easily observe even the dealer who accepts the stakes and announces the winning number. If you want you have a possibility to chat with a croupier or other players. Without any doubts, such a realistic appearance is the main reason for Playtech popularity.

These guys managed to create something that makes you feel like being in real casino at the real table, with all its exciting atmosphere and luxury surroundings. When chose to play using Playtech roulette, gamblers could be sure that they will get unforgettable impressions and high quality of the game with managing the roulette odds.

Roulette rules


Common roulette rules are absolutely effortless to grasp for even the most inexperienced gamblers, who haven't got enough practice.

Roulette history


Roulette history is commonly associated with numerous mysteries and superstitions, many of which are mere lies.

House edge


Roulette house edge in American variation of the game turns out twice as large as in its European alternation.