Roulette Myths

The majority of roulette myths can often disorient the rookies, who haven't mastered of all basic game's rules and guidelines yet.

In addition to the ways to predict the wheels spin's outcome, which are myths, there's one more, according to which roulette is the Devil's Game.

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Roulette Variations

Both European and American roulette variations are unbelievably exciting to play, much due to the special anxiety, felt by gamers, while the ball is about to fall.

Nevertheless, the profitability of American roulette is much less, than the one of European version of the game, the latter being, therefore, more frequently advised to the vast majority of gamblers.

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Roulette software providers: which one to choose?

During last several decades advanced modern technologies of communication have penetrated into most of conscious human activities. Of course, virtual entertainment industry, which seems to develop at dashing pace, is not an exception when it concerns online gaming.

There are so many online software providers, each of which offers the best conditions for gambling, that often online gamblers could face difficulties when choosing among venues for virtual roulette. Although usually all the attempts to find the best online casino are useless, because their offers do not differ a lot, there are some dinosaurs of gambling industry that have recommended themselves as reliable and convenient sites for online gaming.

Generally, almost all software suppliers provide easy downloadable applications with their complete casino package which anyone could play free of charge (in case this option is accessible).

Thus, let us describe some most reputable roulette software providers and compare their peculiarities, so you would make a simple but correct choice.

Cryptologic Inc. software provider

This provider offers three versions of roulette game: American, European and VIP European roulette. All of them are equally well-designed and user-friendly. Players could observe a roulette wheel in 3D and even chat with other gamblers. From the very beginning a player has a possibility to select whether he or she prefers to play separately, join some table, or even just observe the game. If you take into your head that you want to check what other players' progress in the game is, you need just to click on their picture (avatar icon) on the foot of the screen and you will see how much money they are ready to put on a stake. In addition, when it comes time for making bets, you can choose among the alternatives: 'rebet', 'clear bets', 'pass' and 'spin'. Also, there is an option of switching on the voice of a croupier who announces the winning numbers.

Playtech software provider

Playtech also offers both versions of roulette: American and European ones. At first sight, nothing special but the games are really well thought-out and playing them is rather enjoyable. It seems that Playtech team of developers concern a lot about effective, innovative as well as top quality interface of their roulette games. This provider has implemented qualitative 3D design and quite live sound mastering, so you feel like being at the table in real casino. Here, gamblers are also free to examine their own and others' positions in the game checking for the number of bets, winnings and losses and also player's balance.

Rival Gaming software provider

Rival Gaming really deserves a honorary title of an online gaming innovator. They worked out dynamic and fresh venues for virtual gambling with implementation (firstly!) famous i-Slots and video clips to their products.

In terms of roulette, the company decided not to reinvent a wheel and offer two traditional roulette variations: American (38 slots) and European ones (37 slots). Both the games look quite attractive with bright impressive graphic design and easy interface.

Another specific feature of Rival Gaming is their service of customer support which is available in the form of e-mail, phone or live chat 24 hours/day.

Roulette rules

Common roulette rules are absolutely effortless to grasp for even the most inexperienced gamblers, who haven't got enough practice.

Roulette history

Roulette history is commonly associated with numerous mysteries and superstitions, many of which are mere lies.

House edge

Roulette house edge in American variation of the game turns out twice as large as in its European alternation.