Roulette Myths

The majority of roulette myths can often disorient the rookies, who haven't mastered of all basic game's rules and guidelines yet.

In addition to the ways to predict the wheels spin's outcome, which are myths, there's one more, according to which roulette is the Devil's Game.

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Roulette Variations

Both European and American roulette variations are unbelievably exciting to play, much due to the special anxiety, felt by gamers, while the ball is about to fall.

Nevertheless, the profitability of American roulette is much less, than the one of European version of the game, the latter being, therefore, more frequently advised to the vast majority of gamblers.

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Online casinos: what is the difference between online and offline roulette?

online casinoModern technologies have become an integral component of human everyday life recently and it is not surprisingly that a lot of online gambling games appeared competing in popularity with real live entertainments.

An opportunity of playing online extended essentially potential capacity of roulette world breaking a lot of obstacles that existed earlier. Location is not important anymore and casinos online offer the gamblers to play nonstop. Furthermore, now they could play and explore new strategies with no risk to jeopardize their private life. All these peculiarities of online gambling made it a serious rival for live casino games. Of course, all these innovations did not glided away in terms of roulette game.

Casinos' online roulette variety

There are basically two main variations of roulette, the European game which is considered to be the oldest modification and American one. The key difference between them lies in the fact that European roulette has one slot less on its wheel and, thus, offers smaller roulette house edge for players. Considering that virtual casinos are open for gamblers all over the world, you could easily find both versions of roulette presented by online casinos providers.

Online vs. Offline roulette: what suits you better?

Actually, there is not so huge difference, in roulette rules at least, when you play online or offline games. The main matter is that players could perceive the same state of excitement when gambling in both land and online casinos.

Anyway, some features inherent in online and live roulette still exist. For instance, a lot of gamblers argue that online roulette loses some mysterious charm and magic that you could feel playing in real casino.

On the other hand, online roulette offers some additional advantages too. Playing the game on your own computer allows you to create the needful atmosphere around by yourself and you do not have to dress appropriately no longer if you want to tempt fate a little. Furthermore, new technologies permit you to spend less time for playing, because you do not need even to leave your own house.

Another important point is that players are free to express their emotions while gambling and do not bother about the neighbors' reactions.

Additionally, when you go to live casino you can control easily how much money you have spent and cannot exceed the amount you have in cash. On the contrary, while playing roulette within online casinos it is rather difficult to regulate your losses and gains owing to the fact that normally gamblers use different money transfer methods to put some funds on their account. It could be confusing a little bit, but some people really face difficulties when using online money. And if you suddenly find out that you a bankrupt it is really simple to put more money on the account and continue gambling.

The choice is up to you

To sum up, it is impossible to say for sure whether live or online casinos roulette playing is better. Each of the playing methods has its own advantages and disadvantages and the choice how to push your luck is completely up to you.

Roulette rules


Common roulette rules are absolutely effortless to grasp for even the most inexperienced gamblers, who haven't got enough practice.

Roulette history


Roulette history is commonly associated with numerous mysteries and superstitions, many of which are mere lies.

House edge


Roulette house edge in American variation of the game turns out twice as large as in its European alternation.