Roulette Myths

The majority of roulette myths can often disorient the rookies, who haven't mastered of all basic game's rules and guidelines yet.

In addition to the ways to predict the wheels spin's outcome, which are myths, there's one more, according to which roulette is the Devil's Game.

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Roulette Variations

Both European and American roulette variations are unbelievably exciting to play, much due to the special anxiety, felt by gamers, while the ball is about to fall.

Nevertheless, the profitability of American roulette is much less, than the one of European version of the game, the latter being, therefore, more frequently advised to the vast majority of gamblers.

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Whether roulette betting systems are able to improve players' winning results

It seems that gamblers began to work out different roulette betting systems at the same time when roulette game itself appeared. From the very beginning roulette players tried to develop a common strategy in order to raise their chances to win and nowadays almost each player uses his or her own carefully elaborated method when playing. Nevertheless, it is not recommendable to forget that there exists nouniversal system that allows gamblers beat casino permanently. This fact could be proved mathematically and is completely objective.

On the other hand, if you managed to find a system that seems to work for you, then it is silly to cease playing according to it. The roulette rules are so that you cannot have an advantage over casinos constantly does not influence your payoff roulette odds at all. The important thing you should keep in mind is not to rely completely on your system and not to forget yourself believing that your method transforms you into the winner.

Anyway, let us describe several roulette betting systems that are used most often.

The Martingale system

The Martingale system is the most common for roulette players who are not tired of adding some supplements or modifications to its algorithm. The concept of this method is based on progressive betting principle which means that if players are at $10 table and they stakes $10, so then they should increase their roulette bets up to 20, 40, 80 and so on till the maximum will be reached. The sense is that when players eventually win, their payouts covers all the previous losses and even earn the profit equal to the initial bet value owing to the rule that each next betting sum is just a doubled value of the previous bet.

Cancellation system

Players, who make bets regarding cancellation system, try to define their best goal in each game by performing rather easy calculations. Firstly, they choose a row of numbers, count their sum and multiple this quantity by the table'swager.For example, if you select 1, 2, 3 to include in your group, add them and get 6. Assuming that you play at a $5 table, then your best goal is 6*$5=$30. After that you need to cross off the numbers on each side of the row and go on betting the sum of the rest of numbers. Players conduct these operations in succession till they win, write down the numbers which were used and bet the new sum of other numbers. Practically, gamblers do not perceive a lot of losses till they reach their maximum bet so they cannot continue betting no longer.

The d'Alembert system

The d'Alembert system is really one of the most widespread roulette betting systems. This method states that if you were lucky enough to win once, then there is less chance that you will repeat your success again and it is better to take you're a chip back from the next bet.And vice versa, the d'Alembert system claims that players, who have just lost, are less expected to lose again and, thus, they are recommended to add additional chips for the following bet.

Roulette rules

Common roulette rules are absolutely effortless to grasp for even the most inexperienced gamblers, who haven't got enough practice.

Roulette history

Roulette history is commonly associated with numerous mysteries and superstitions, many of which are mere lies.

House edge

Roulette house edge in American variation of the game turns out twice as large as in its European alternation.